Home Is Where You Are COVER.PNG

home is where you are

This is a special song for me... I wrote this song before I ever went to the Middle East. But the first time I travelled to Kurdistan, and heard the stories of men, women, families and children who had been displaced by Isis and years of internal conflicts, this song took on a whole new and deeper meaning. I wanted to capture both my own personal journey and the journey of these beautiful souls who are refugees in their own country... looking for a place they can call home. I've come to realize that for all of us, home is less of a physical place, and more of a place within the heart. The ones who filmed it are my friends, some of them I recruited impromptu, local young guys who had cameras and were able to capture this footage so well, (Mark Shabo, Geomard Juma, Dawd Maqdasi) as well as a friend who had come with me on the trip to Kurdistan (Ty Walker). I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.
Much love,